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Fix Date validation in Experimental branch


Date parsing/validation in textboxes is currently malfunctioning in the Experimental branch.

This can be seen in the Details pane, for (e.g.) birth and death dates.

As soon as the user starts typing an invalid date, the text changes to "01/01/0001". The textbox is correctly marked in red.

The text should not change, merely have the textbox go red. I have the theory of date validation correct but I've done something wrong.

The intent in the Experimental branch is to use the date parsing support from GEDCOM.Net. This ideally will provide us with better/more flexible date input, such as:

"ABT 1900"
"AFT 1900"
"BEF 1900"
"May 1900"

The current Family.Show date parsing is limited to full day/month/year dates.


GenJerDan wrote Aug 2, 2013 at 10:27 PM

Date validation doesn't work at all...unless you ignore the hint.

It refuses to let me put my birth date it (27/01/1957)

It says it's an invalid date. Then decided I was born in 2012 for some reason, and wouldn't let me change it.

But it will accept a "wrongly formatted" (MM/DD/YYYY) date if I write it in Notepad, the copy/paste it.