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Confusing Display


I've got a family tree that looks like this:

M ─ M ─ M ─ M ─ F
│ ─ M ─ M ─ M     │
                       │─ M

Basically female 4th cousin removed marries male 3rd cousin removed. The problem is that the female's grandfather and great-grandfather (2nd and 3rd M from left) are both rendered on the same generation outline, when one is the son of the other. It would be nice if the rendering was smart enough to draw it correctly.

A number of options to do this is to ignore the generation line/number in this case and draw a long line skipping over a placeholder. In other words, lined up, they would look like:

M ─ M ─ M ─ M ─ F
│ ─ M ─ M          ─ M
                                │─ M

instead of:

M ─ M ─
        M ─ M ─ F
│ ─ M ─ M ─ M
                       │─ M

In addition, it would be nice if we can temporarily move a person left/right (position) or up/down (generation outline). When we drag them around, FL redraws everything based on where we want them. It doesn't have to save them that way. But for analyzing and testing purposes, this could be enough.