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Photo Annotation (Tagging People in pictures)

Topics: Feature Request
Dec 31, 2012 at 5:41 PM

"Tagging people within pictures is a must. Most pictures that I have are family pictures. It would be nice to tag the individual faces on the pictures."

"Dates for the pictures is a must, besides adding them into the image properties."

"Tagging added images would be nice, especially for group pictures. Captions would also be nice. Dates for the pictures and changing pictures with the years would be nice."

"We really need a photo view. A grid of photos on the left and a tree list of all the names on the right so that we can select a picture, or multiple pictures, and tag all the people associated with that picture."

Dec 31, 2012 at 5:42 PM


Image Annotator:

A little stand-alone utility to annotate an image. At minimum, be able to circle faces in the image; for each circle, be able to enter some text. A smarter version would attempt to do automatic facial recognition. It may be necessary to provide "callouts", e.g. arrows with associated text on the image.

Is this done by drawing on the image, or by storing separate annotation data?

Separate data allows preserving the original vs annotated image. Depending on what separate data is stored, it might be possible to use the "tagged" picture for an individual. E.g. in the example of family pictures, the circled part of the full image could be used in the Details View (assuming the "tag" has an association to the person id in the familyx file).

If separate data is stored, is it stored in the image (as EXIF or other data) or the familyx file? If the former, the image format (PNG, JPG, etc) has to support extra data.

If the data is separate, the image view in the main program needs to be extended to show the annotations.

Again, using the example of family pictures, are multiple individuals "referencing" the same image supported? I.e. investigate the "image link" feature.