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Customizable Tool Tips

Topics: Feature Request
Dec 31, 2012 at 6:15 PM

When moving the mouse over a person, the name, birth year, age, parents, and siblings are currently being displayed for them. I would like to see that info customizable. By default, I think name, DOB, age, parents, and grandparents should be shown instead. The siblings of a person are aligned with them, so one can automatically see who they are. However, the parents and grandparents could be above the screen and it would better help identify who the person we're floating over is. This is the same info as what is being displayed on the top, right-hand side with grandparents added. Currently, I have to select a person to identify who they really are by their ancestors. And when you have over a thousand of people in your family tree, selecting them one at a time slows things down considerably while Family.Show is trying to update the screen.