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Misc. Family.Show Requests

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Dec 31, 2012 at 9:29 PM

[Misc features/items transferred from Family.Show for confirmation/consideration.]

Tagging added images would be nice, especially for group pictures. Captions would also be nice. Dates for the pictures and changing pictures with the years would be nice.

  1. A report viewer (XX/XY) similar to ViewGED ( or GedView (

  2. Surname of a woman before the marriage. Usually girls change their names. But the new name is not a suffix... Somewhere it is, when they keep their family last name, but usually it is not the case... i.e. Elizabeth Taylor, born Smith

  3. Don't count age if the "Living" mark is unchecked. i.e. If I don't know when someone, born in 1871. died, but I confirmed he is not alive, there is no reason to show that he has 140+ years of age...

  4. End of marriage - year of death of a spouse. It should be represented by a dotted line (maybe with a different color than the color of a dotted line representing a divorce), maybe with a year of death beneath the line, too. Even though she is a widow, she is now available to get married.... Or he, just the same.

It would be nice if the first picture that was added to a person's profile was automatically set to default. It's annoying to have to manually set it each time.

We really need a photo view. A grid of photos on the left and a tree list of all the names on the right so that we can select a picture, or multiple pictures, and tag all the people associated with that picture.

We need a mitochondria or Y-chromosome tree list for viewing, reporting, and to make tagging family photos easier.

Tagging people within pictures is a must. Most pictures that I have are family pictures. It would be nice to tag the individual faces on the pictures.

Dates for the pictures is a must, besides adding them into the image properties. :-)

Dec 31, 2012 at 9:30 PM
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