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Windows RT / Windows 8 Version

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Jan 3, 2013 at 4:04 AM

From Family.Show

RainbowNZ  Tue at 6:17 PM

I've used Family.Show on and off for a few years now and love the look feel, and simplicity. I've recently purchased a Windows RT Tablet, and upgraded my desktop pc to Windows 8 I'dd love to see a version available that I could use on both of these devices, and also my Windows phone 8 device.

May 1, 2013 at 3:20 AM
This would be very nice to have. I just started looking at this site and love it. Found it because of it's link to Gedcom.Net library. I had been using that library for a while and like it, but I know it hasn't been updated in a long time. I use it in a program I have created to compare multiple Gedcoms at once.

How hard would this be to do? This would be a fun project and definitely needed.
May 1, 2013 at 9:08 PM
Hi, Bert!
I'll be checking out GCU when I find time. I'm curious if you have dealt with any of the limitations of Gedcom.Net. I've posted a few fixes to the Gedcom.Net SourceForge project (as per GPL). I need to update that list ...

Do you have a Windows RT tablet? If so, have you tried Family Lines using an emulator tool on it?

The inability (as far as I know) to 'emulate' a WinRT device for development is a blocking factor for me right now. I'd have to acquire a Win8/WinRT device. I'd also want to get some input from people familiar with touch devices as to how Family Lines "should" behave on a touch screen. Some behaviors seem "obvious": a touch mechanism for selecting the 'current' person, moving around in the diagram, pinch-to-zoom; the new Family View should also benefit from touch navigation. But these are fairly superficial. How might a touch device change the data input process? On a small-form-factor like a tablet, should the diagram be "full screen", flipping to a "details" view ? etc.

Nor do I have a handle on the development issues, e.g. compiling WPF for Windows RT, publishing to the Windows Store, etc...

If someone wants to volunteer to tackle a port or at least lay some foundations, that'd be really helpful ...