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Jan 7, 2013 at 4:59 PM

The following is our tentative high-level "roadmap" for the next few major releases. We'll have minor releases on an as-needed basis for bug-fixing and small features.

"V1.0" / Dublin:

Address limitations/issues from Family.Show:
  • Improved date entry
  • Print preview (consider using the WPF Print Engine)
  • Full GED import (consider using GEDCOM.Net)
New features:
  • Add a system for additional data input (i.e. in the details view), including some user customization (defining new fields, order of fields, etc).
  • Use the data input system to implement LDS support
  • introduce tab / switchable view
  • at least one new view (e.g. family chart, pedigree, etc)
  • options dialog (need to establish available options; needs to be extensible)
"V2.0" / Cork:

Address limitations/issues from Family.Show:
  • User-customizable tooltips
  • Improved localization 
  • UTF-8 support / non-english GED import
  • more translations (depending on availability of translators)
  • Better GUI sizing/layout for non-English locales
New Features:
  • "Back"/history mechanism to navigate to last visited people
  • Bing / Google location search
  • Establish a "system" for reports; at least a couple of reports
  • More views (timeline? descendant?)
  • Charts?
  • Multi-page printing?
  • Full tree views/printing?
"V3.0" / Kerry:
- more reports
- more views
- better multimedia support?
- importing from other programs, including "My Family Tree"?
- ?

On-Going Activities:
  • Documentation
  • Support
  • Bug-Fixing
  • Translation