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Problems with GEDCOM Source Records

Topics: General Discussion, Project Discussion
Jan 29, 2013 at 3:56 AM

In the process of replacing the GEDCOM import code, I've observed several limitations in Family.Show's support for GEDCOM Source Records ("Citations").

The GUI is extremely unhelpful when attempting to view, use or modify 'Citations'. For instance, the displayed source reference is merely the generated "source tag", e.g. "S1". There is no mechanism to view, edit or create the Citation source here; the user must go to the "Tools" menu and access the "Sources" dialog.

Citations are only available for the provided events (Birth, Death, Marriage, ...), whereas GEDCOM provides a Source Record on the individual.

Details available to view/edit for citations are incomplete compared to GEDCOM. This is an import limitation as well.

On import, source records which reference another record are not supported.