This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
V0.5 was a "partial" release: several new features were "incomplete".
  1. Use the new Fact/Event support in other places. See Merge, Export Places, Export HTML, Family Data grids, Statistics, etc.
  2. Complete the support for Fact/Event details (Age, Certainty, Notes, Images, etc)
  3. Rework Date-of-Birth and Date-of-Death as Events
  4. Submitter data should be stored in settings for later re-use.
  5. Use the Family Notes in other places: reports, ?
  6. Create new features/capabilities leveraging Facts, Events, or Family Notes.
  7. Create new "built-in" facts/events (e.g. genetics; non-Christian/Jewish events)

Post-V0.5 Projects

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